Ninja Kitchen System Review

The humble food processor gets a much needed 21st century makeover with the Ninja Kitchen System 1100 – a state of the art, feature rich food processor that can compete with thousand dollars professional grade equipment. This Ninja Kitchen review dissects the hype from the reality.

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True to the “ninja” in its name, the Ninja Kitchen System is a sleek, gorgeous beast that will draw instant admiration. The stainless steel body with black accents looks futuristically trendy. The design cues aren’t for aesthetic purposes alone; the appliance is made from top-notch materials and will last you for years. Further, all the containers are made from BPA-free SAN plastic, so you know it is healthy and environmentally safe. It is also dishwasher safe, so clean-up is super easy.

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The Ninja Kitchen System 1100 has a long list of innovative features, such as:

Ninja Kitchen System Blender Official Site

Ninja Kitchen System Blender

- A super-powerful 1100W motor that can propel through the toughest cookie-dough and crush hardened ice cubes in seconds flat.

- Smart Speed Technology that maintains optimum RPM to ensure that your salads are cut neatly, and your smoothies don’t turn into watery sludge.

- A 5-star rated vertical blade system that ensures consistent, thorough performance.

- A 72oz. pitcher with lid, along with a 40oz. processing bowl (with lid).

- 5 different attachments to help you make anything – knead dough for cookies and pizza, puree tomatoes, or make delicious smoothies.


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The Ninja Kitchen System 1100 is a serious, professional grade food processor that delivers an amazing 1100 watts of power. This is almost 2-3 times the power of an average processor. The end result is that the Ninja Kitchen makes short work of anything thrown at it – from crushing nuts to make nut butter, or chopping vegetables neatly for salads.

The 5 different attachments extend the functions of the Ninja Kitchen to the whole gamut of kitchen tasks. You can make sorbets and ice creams, fresh juices and smoothies, salsa and salads, etc. with the included attachments. You can even throw in whole fruits and vegetables directly into the mixer.


The Ninja Kitchen System 1100 costs $159.80. Although this might appear a bit on the higher side, when compared with professional grade processors, it is a bargain. You get virtually everything you’ll ever need in a kitchen appliance and the high quality construction will last for years. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll also get a free blending cookbook to make the most out of the Ninja Kitchen.

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